Build and track your habits in minutes

Simple Habit makes it easy for you to track habits and log monthly reflections in just a few minutes each day

At A Glance

Track Habits

Add and track habits that mean the most to you. Track fitness, finance, self-care, and any other habits.

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Add Goals

Add goals to your habits and track your progress.

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Rollover Habits

Habits automatically rollover to the next month, allowing you to spend more time on sustaining your habits.

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Add Reflections

Each month you get a fresh reflection space to reflect on what went well, what could've gone better, and what you've learned to help build greater awareness into your habits.

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Secure by design

Simple Habit uses the latest technologies to secure your account. Your reflections are fully encrypted, meaning they're only for your eyes.

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How it works

  • Track habits & set goals's image'
    Track habits & set goals

  • Check off habits as you complete them's image'
    Check off habits as you complete them

  • Track your habit progress with the achievement column's image'
    Track your habit progress with the achievement column

  • Use reflections to build awareness into your habits's image'
    Use reflections to build awareness into your habits


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Aaron B

"I was lucky enough to be a beta-tester for SimpleHabit and I can’t explain how much simpler this platform has made habit-tracking."

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Jason M

"If you’re a minimalist, you’ll love SimpleHabit. I check-in every few days to make sure I’m on track with everything I have going on in life."

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Ahmed S

"As someone who loves optimizing things in my life, I highly recommend SimpleHabit due to how easy it is to use!"

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  • ✅ Track your habits
  • ✅ Log your monthly reflections
  • ✅ Get reminded daily/weekly
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  • ✅ Track your habits
  • ✅ Log your monthly reflections
  • ✅ Get reminded daily/weekly
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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers 😇

Is there a free trial?

Simple Habit doesn’t provide a free trial since we’re so happy you’ll enjoy the simplicity of our platform. However, if you’ve tried our platform for a month and still don’t enjoy it, we’ll offer you a refund.

Will Simple Habit actually help me build habits?

Absolutely. Habit-tracking has been shown to reduce motivational impairment in a study conducted on students. Each time you check off a habit, it helps encourage you to continually check off more and more habits, leading to a better you.

Where is Simple Habit based?

Simple Habit is based in London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Do you process payment data?

No. We use LemonSqueezy to facilitate our payments. They leverage all relevant and secure technologies to ensure your payment information is safe. Simple Habit never handles your sensitive payment data, ever.

Is there an affiliate program?

Not just yet! However, this is something we’ll be working on as our platform grows. It’s actively on our to-do list 🙂

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